Group of young people looking at their mobile devices

Customer Engagement Tools

Antenno rubbish collection notification on a mobile


Notify and alert your community

Stay ahead in a high-speed mobile world and transform your council's communications with Antenno. Send alerts and notifications directly to your community through a mobile app and receive feedback. Antenno enables people to choose places and topics they care about, so they only receive updates of interest to them.

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Community booking website page shown on a laptop

Community Bookings

Bookings made easy

Provide your community with instant access to your facilities and services with a self-service booking solution. From community centres to sports grounds and fields, people can choose, book and pay for facilities and services easily, on any device.

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Demo council website screenshot

Content Manager

A digital gateway to your council

Create a digital gateway to your information and services with an intuitive content management system, specifically designed for councils. Simply choose themes and features to suit your business and get your website up and running in no time.

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Building consent form on a tablet

Online Services

Digitally transform your services

Use dynamic Smart Forms to transform how your community accesses your services from any device. Customers can submit, request and pay for a wide range of services at anytime. Online Services streamlines business processes, so you can provide better and faster services for your community.

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